Hair Salon in Glendale, California Offers Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is becoming more and more of a famous thing. Mazi Salon is a hair salon in Glendale, CA & they have recently become well known for providing permanent makeup eyebrows as a hair salon!

Another word for permanent eyebrows is microblading. Microblading eyebrows are done in order to fill in missing eyebrow hair. As a result, women who need their eyebrows filled in wont need to spend as much time on them.Therefore, permanent makeup eyebrows has saved many women lots of time.

best 3d microblading eyebrows in Glendale, california


Mazi Salon is a hair salon in glendale california that offers permanent makeup

Mazi Salon 1708 Victory Blvd, Glendale, CA 91201 +1(818)242-7875

Mazi Salon is a hair salon, beauty salon, & permanent makeup clinic located at 1708 Victory Blvd, Glendale, CA 91201. It seems like Mazi Salon is the best place to go if you are in the Glendale, CA area and need a beauty salon along with microblading eyebrows. The beauty services include hair cuts, hair color, hair extensions, makeup, & more!

Glendale, California is a city located near Los Angeles, CA.

Get Directions To Mazi Salon Hair & Permanent Makeup on Google Maps!

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